Here's how we think about organizing.

The ballot box alone isn't enough.

Voting is the bedrock of a democracy. Who we elect matters. At the same time, our members are eager to or may already be moving through community organizing spaces in concert with work on electoral campaigns.

Voting is one tool available in building a better world, but we need to have a broader strategy.

So, what can that look like?

A few ideas:

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Connecting with other local advocates

Maybe CYDI doesn't fit your activism right now, or maybe you're looking to expand your activism—communities of passionate progressive and left advocates are active across the state moving in both formal political spaces and grassroots spaces. Mutual aid networks, community gardens, and community fridges are all examples of non-electoral projects folks come together to work on.

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As of 2021, the CYDI Executive Board does not schedule or coordinate protests, but we affirm and defend that the right to protest is an invaluable part of forcing governments to create change.

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Fight for someone you don't know.

While there are action items many people can incorporate into daily life, organizing for a better world ultimately looks differently for everyone. From mutual aid to climate action to your local abortion fund to a range of other movements for equity and justice, there are so many ways to plug in.

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