About CYDI

College and Young Democrats of Iowa (CYDI) works to ensure that students and young professionals are not only the future of Democratic politics, but also the present. 

We advocate for policies that support students and young professionals at all levels of government and provide resources for local Democratic activists and groups across the state.

CYDI also connects young, engaged activists with Democratic candidates to win in all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Mission Statement

College and Young Democrats of Iowa (CYDI) is an organization co-chartered through College Democrats of America and Young Democrats of America that advocates for Iowans under 36 and students of all ages. We empower Democratic activists, support candidates across the state, and advance the interests of students and young adults within the Iowa Democratic Party.

CYDI Constitution

We, the College and Young Democrats of Iowa (CYDI), do hereby dedicate ourselves to organizing young people in the state of Iowa in order to encourage, develop and support their participation in the political process and the Democratic Party. As it is our conviction that America was, is, and always will be a revolutionary country in spirit, we will strive for progressive change at every level of government. We will endeavor to better our state and country and to promote the principles of equality, equity, opportunity, social justice, and freedom within a just society. To achieve this end, we will work with conviction as a constituency caucus to elect, shape, and support the platform of the Iowa Democratic Party and build a more free, fair, and tolerant community. 

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